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30th International Congress of The Transplantation Society (TTS 2024) | Istanbul, Turkey | September 22-25, 2024

The Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation (MESOT)

The Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation (MESOT) was initially founded in Turkey under the leadership of Professor Mehmet A. Haberal in 1987, in compliance with Turkish Civil Code regulations. The Society was subsequently incorporated and registered with the Bern, Switzerland Chamber of Commerce in June 1988 as a nonprofit international scientific Society.

The boundaries of the regions defined in the original bylaws were extended to include neighboring mid-Asian countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Former Soviet Republics) in accordance with the resolution accepted at the Third General Assembly, which was held in Tunis in December 1992.

MESOT became an affiliate member of the Transplantation Society in August 1990 at the General Assembly of the San Francisco Transplantation Society, and in January 1992 became associated with Transplantation Proceedings. The proceedings of MESOT meetings have been published regularly in this Journal since that time.

Briefly, the purpose of MESOT, as stated in the Society's by laws, is:

To promote and encourage education, research and cooperation in the field of organ transplantation between medical centers in Middle Eastern, North African and neighboring mid-Asian countries for the purpose of advancing the art and science of transplantation, and to serve the patients of this region through the application of new knowledge and advances in the transplantation of organs for the treatment of human disease.

To create a scientific forum for discussion of all problems related to the field of transplantation, including medical, social and legal aspects.

To collaborate with existing public and private organizations to promote and encourage research and clinical applications related to transplantation, and to participate and assist in the coordination of efforts or the formulation of programmes by all physicians, agencies, health personnel and scientists which will promote the donation of organs.

To encourage meetings, symposia and congresses, and to prepare and distribute publications and announcements in order to fulfill the above objectives.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet HABERAL