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30th International Congress of The Transplantation Society (TTS 2024) | Istanbul, Turkey | September 22-25, 2024

Turkish Airlines - Official Airline

Turkish Airlines is the official airline of TTS 2024, special discounts are offered for all delegates. To proceed with the online booking tool, please visit Turkish Airlines promocode website and use the event code “012TKM24” under the Promotion code section. You must enter the promotional code and click confirm prior to entering your flight details.

Very Important Note About Using The Promotional Code!

To see the discounted price you will need to go all the way to the payment page at which point you need to re-enter the code to see the discounted price. The discounted price will only appear when you are ready to make your payment. On the payment page select your payment method and the option to add the promotional "Event Code" will appear at the very bottom. Click on the accordion link below to see example.

Event Code

Event Code: 012TKM24

Link to Turkish Airlines promotional code website


Flights where the destination point is İSTANBUL between September 11 and October 4, 2024.

Applicable Discount

Business Class: 20% discount
(For classes C/D/J/K/Z)

Economy Class: 15% discount
(For classes A/B/E/H/L/M/O/P/Q/S/T/U/V/W/Y)

Prof. Haberal (TTS 2024 Honorary Chair) and his local team have successfully negotiated an outstanding discount in partnership with Turkish Airlines for attendees of the Congress. Moreover, we have secured extended eligibility dates for those who wish to arrive early or prolong their stay in Istanbul!